Momentum Solutions is a group of social entrepreneurs who understand that the root of success begins with great strategic communications delivered with words that connect with your audience. We understand that communications strategies for businesses, thought leaders and organizations are often impaired by time, shortage of human resources and financial constraints. We’re here as a solution to hook into your organization’s mission, vision and goals and make sure your message is clear and reaching the people that matter most to your organization. We are your team.


OUR VISION Strengthening Communities Through Communication


WHAT WE DO We create and implement the communication strategies that your mission needs to thrive. We don’t believe in just getting by. Our team is there to help you turn your ideas into action. Our name Momentum Solutions, builds on the idea all great organizations and people need a powerful message and communication tactics to propel their vision. We leverage our networks, knowledge and strengths to drive your business forward.


OUR SOCIAL IMPACT Our mission at Momentum Solutions has a double bottom line. As an agency we believe in the impact of our work and yours, and that together we can strengthen the communities we work and live in. We work with our clients to develop holistic projects that drive measurable social impact. Momentum Solutions is a energetic team of professionals who bring a diverse set of skills and a fresh approach to your organization. We help people be heard, build brands and transform programs to make a larger impact in our society.

Momentum Solutions was co-founded by social entrepreneur David Andres Kietzman and public relations expert Liza Sacilioc.