Public relations may be the least understood of all marketing tools. The basis of great PR uses media coverage, online resources, and trend setters to communicate with your audience and influence them. Our PR strategy tells your story. We build your brand, markets your events, products and services – creating a steady wave of momentum to keep your business “top of mind.” Recently in March, 2016, the Momentum Solutions Team announced a strategic alliance with Emanuela Cariolagian, known for leading her public relations agency Be in the News, Inc. The partnership was formed to make a larger impact for their clients and social causes in greater Los Angeles.




Byline article development, content creation, community engagement, media relations, press release creation and distribution, editorial calendar management, event coverage, copywriting, marketing research and paid media strategy. 


Social media management, digital content creation, email marketing, brand development and strategy, paid digital marketing strategy, community engagement, storytelling, concept development, graphic and web design, creation direction for video and photo ads.


First impressions count. Marketing is not about short-term gains; it’s about making authentic connections with the people that matter most. Developing a marketing strategy defines who is your target audience, your brand, your message and creates momentum for your cause. We blend strategy with creativity to help coach your ideas from start to finish. Together, we explore your unique situation and culture, identify key challenges and discover creative solutions to help you achieve success. Once we build a brand that distinctively reflects your vision, we uniformly apply this branding across all communications mediums to create consistent and cohesive messaging and awareness.


  • PATH launch of LA County LeaseUp campaign 
  • Launch of the SoutheastLA Collabortive marketing and brand
  • Personal brand and throught leadership position for local CEO’s


Building the capacity of your organization means having the right tools to succeed. Our training and facilitation services will empower your staff to tell your story in ways that are consistent and memorable. The right training, whether it be PR 101 or Coaching 101, are all designed to enhance and build upon the skills of the individual and teams as a whole. We offer custom trainings to meet your specific needs so that you can take your cause to the next level armed with confidence. We are your thought partner. 

Every organization faces challenges. Our facilitation services are the answer to helping you develop and agree upon equitable and inclusive solutions that work for everyone. Through cultural competence and decades of experience, our team works skillfully to uncover group dynamics and build trust. Cultivating alignment will lead to unlikely opportunities for effective collaboration and transparent communication. We prioritize developing a clear course of action with milestones and accountability as measures of success.

Five of our core partners are certified executive coaches, so we take a dynamic approach to all of our work. Our success as coaches lies in identifying clear goals, deconstructing fears and barriers and developing the key dynamics of compelling and passionate leadership.


  • Facilitation of staff retreats 
  • Agency-wide custom website and marketing training 
  • LA City Public Works communications & fundraising training 


    Staff capacity building, executive coaching, team retreats, communication and marketing training, department facilitation, personal brand development, individual concept-based trianing, meeting facilitation  

    A communications strategy is at the core of every successful campaign and every obstacle that may arise. More than ever your story needs to be told and your brand needs to be top of mind!  To give you a sense of our training topics, below is a sampling of past training themes. Please contact our team to explore more customized trainings, retreats or coaching.


    • The Art of Branding   Build your unique brand, develop your influence.
    • Social Media Engagement   Dive into the essentials.
    • PR 101   Learn the basics and pro-level tactics to get in the news!
    • Bold & Proactive Marketing Tactics   In the context of a fake-news driven political climate, learn how to craft compelling messages and the marketing strategies to make them stick!
    • Marketing + Fundraising   Align your teams and strategies to create impact.
    • Coaching 101   Coaching tips and tactics to use in the workplace.
    • Yes, And   Learn improv skills to communicate more effectively and grow!
    • Embrace Authenticity   Using communication tactics, step into your authentic leadership style and develop genuine partnerships.