CHALLENGE  CCALAC and their member-driven network of over 60 health centers across Los Angeles share a common mission of supporting and expanding access to quality comprehensive health care for every individual. With many of their members facing daunting challenges in the form of legislative threats including: a possible ACA repeal, Health Center Funding re-authorization, immigration policy changes, among others – the CCALAC was looking to improve their marketing efforts and build their advocacy focused communications.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Our team was invited to be their lead communications agency supporting their traditional media, boosting social media amplification, in addition to driving media to a number of local events. Our services extended their national reach and provided technical support that addressed the reality and issues that CCALAC was facing. Our team was able to strengthen their thought leadership positioning and advocacy work of the CCALAC and their active network, responding to rapidly changing conditions.

DELIVERABLES Our team secured numerous earned media opportunities in the form of print/online, broadcast, and radio interviews as well as notable media mentions quoting the CEO, VP of Government Relations, community clinic executives, health care allies, local patients, and providers.  We produced a comprehensive communications plan, along with a detailed rapid response roadmap to inform best practices in the face of uncertain communications challenges.  In addition, creating detailed marketing and editorial calendars, a pitch matrix and other ongoing work plans to drive messaging around specific monthly themes.

CORE SERVICES Public Relations, Communications Planning/Implementation, Brand Strategy


Maccready-logoCHALLENGE The family foundation is six years old, and relatively new to the formal philanthropy world. The foundation supports multiple nonprofits in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas that are focused on youth, education and the environment. The family has a high impact, long term investment, multi-generational strategy with the several nonprofits they support. They were looking to market the nonprofits they serve and their approach to philanthropy without drawing more attention to their family.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW The family recruited the Momentum team to suggest a thought leadership strategy to position the nonprofits and the foundation as experts in the field. The strategy involves ghost writing articles to be published in community and national journals that could positively impact the nonprofits and the field of family philanthropy.

DELIVERABLES Five ghost written feature articles for four Los Angeles based nonprofits and one San Francisco based nonprofit. One feature length article on the family foundation, focusing on their values, why they launched a foundation and the unique qualities the foundation embodies. Media pitching for all stories and placement in major news publications.

CORE SERVICES Ghost Writing, Media Pitching, Brand Development


JVS-Logo-Square-BlueCHALLENGE Like many nonprofit organizations, JVSLA had a one-person communications department, covering the areas of social media, public relations, branding, design, event planning and marketing. JVSLA brought on the Momentum team to serve as its communications department.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW Create a strategic marketing and public relations plan that would promote all of its programs, events and organization milestones. Work directly with their communications and development staff to make sure plans and action steps align with the organizations goals.

DELIVERABLES PR/Marketing strategy and execution, including press release writing and distribution, media pitching and placement in, on average one media outlet a month. Daily creation of original social media strategy and management, crowdfunding strategy and implementation; and event promotions and executive level support.

CORE SERVICES Social Media, Public Relations, Design/Marketing



CHALLENGE A collaborative group of business leaders developed the inaugural awards luncheon, the Make Change Awards. The effort was lead by Happy City, Conscious Capitalism, Net Impact and the Social Enterprise Alliance. It was an ambitious and exciting event to highlight innovative, captivating and impactful ventures in Los Angeles.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW The Momentum team worked with the event committee to lead in the marketing strategy and implementation for the event. The goal was to bring in 100+ attendees to the event and to build the buzz for future expansion. The awards luncheon targeted diverse audiences, ranging from business executives, philanthropists, nonprofit leaders and elected officials.

DELIVERABLES A press release, media pitching and event posting. Development of online marketing strategy – including suggested hashtags, posts, handles, tweets, content and image creation. Content curation and creation of Twitter and Facebook accounts. Live tweeting and posting from event, facilitation of online conversation.

CORE SERVICES Event Marketing, Content Curation, Branding Strategy


LAEP-Vertical-LogoCHALLENGE Leadership came to Momentum Solutions Team for support on thought leadership positioning for Lara Kain, LAEP’s senior director of Transform Schools, who leads trauma-training workshops for school staff. Additionally, the CEO called upon the MST team to create marketing strategy plans for their three social enterprise models, and to deliver a training to their team on social media marketing.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW Our team worked with Lara and her team to ghost write an ongoing blog series published in the Huffington Post on the benefits to trauma informed schools and ongoing topics related to community schools. Additionally, our team meet with team leaders to coach them on integrated marketing strategies to promote and fundraiser for their programs.

DELIVERABLES Ghost written blogs published in the Huffington Post and leveraged through social media and the organization’s newsletter; media strategy and executive support for LAEP leadership. Full training on LinkedIn and professional branding professional development with social media marketing strategy development.

CORE SERVICES Thought leadership, Marketing, Media Relations