CHALLENGE  For 30 years, Grand Performances (GP) has worked to inspire community, celebrate diversity, and unite Los Angeles through free access to global performing arts. With a small communications team, they needed more hands on deck to improve their social media presence, develop and implement an integrated marketing plan, and bolster their nonprofit profile with supporters for the 2017 summer season.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Momentum worked closely with the team to develop an integrated marketing calendar for the summer season with a suggested weekly posting schedule focused on engaging Facebook and Twitter audiences and growing their current base of supporters. Through weekly phone calls with the GP team, we refined goals and marketing tactics as needed, including influencer outreach efforts and connecting with key artists. We also attended all priority shows during the season to assist with live tweeting and posting. Finally, we aided in the development of sponsor appreciation tactics and a weekly thank you strategy.

DELIVERABLES  Momentum Solutions increased Grand Performances’ visibility across all social media channels. By the end of the summer season, their Instagram followers had increased by 5%, Twitter by 15% and Facebook followers increased from 29,000 to over 31,000. By increasing the number of paid Facebook posts we were able to better engage supporters and increase attendance at shows. GP’s Klout score increased by 11 points to 63 — the average nonprofit in Los Angeles is a 45. Finally, our team offered a set of recommendations for building on the momentum of a successful summer season.

CORE SERVICES  Event Marketing, Content Curation, Social Media Strategy




CHALLENGE  With the 25th Anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising, the South Los Angeles Building Healthy Communities Collaborative (SLA BHC), a part of The California Endowment’s, launched a 10-year strategic initiative to support the development of safe and healthy communities. The campaign needed a public relations strategy, tactical media outreach and support raising awareness about the issues the South LA region faces. As part of the anniversary, the collaborative mobilized to form a rally, march and all-day community event, formed and supported by the community members and allied organizations. They gathered in support of ending structural oppression that led to the 1992 Uprising and commitment to a collective transformation.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Momentum partnered with the Collaborative to create a strategic communications plan, supporting the branding and marketing work with Team Friday, drafted original copy, developed and oversaw all press materials, media releases and op-ed pieces. We created and pitched calendar listings for their event, which were posted on local and national media outlets. Our team was tasked to secure advance event media coverage, feature articles, and op-ed pieces, as well as to secure media to attend and cover the 25th Anniversary rally and march on April 29, 2017, in South Los Angeles. The media coverage illustrated the past, present, and future of South Los Angeles, acknowledging the 25th Anniversary of the LA Uprising, and the commitment and steps that are still required to create change in that region.

DELIVERABLES  Our team secured millions of impressions in broadcast, print, radio interviews, online articles and media mentions before, during and after the 25th Anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising. Over 30 on-site English and Spanish language outlets – international, national, regional, and hyper-local broadcast crews, photographers and journalists attended the event to cover the rally and march. We facilitated on-the-spot media interviews with key spokespeople, community leaders, activists and local community members. Top tier media outlets who attended and covered the event included: ABC 7 News Bay Area, Business Insider, CNN, Daily Breeze, El Pais, El Nuevo Dia, Getty Images, Hoy Los Angeles, KCAL,KABC-TV, KTTV, KCBS, KTLA, La Opinion, Los Angeles Daily,  LA Weekly, LA Daily News, Los Angeles Sentinel, LA Times,, Mercury News, MTV News, NBC Nightly News, News 4Us Online The Daily Times, Univision, WBTV and Yahoo News.

CORE SERVICES  Public Relations, Communications Strategy, Media Partnership Development




CHALLENGE  Taix French Country restaurant, has served Los Angeles since 1962. As the family-owned business approached the restaurant’s 90th anniversary, the owner Mike Taix, wanted to engage in a public relations campaign to promote its traditional anniversary special “cent” dinner. Taix retained Momentum Solutions to increase media activity and engage local outlets leading up to two events: A VIP private event, as well as the 90-Cent lunch event open to the public.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Momentum was asked to create a public relations campaign for their anniversary and build relationships with Los Angeles’ restaurant, “foodie,” hospitality and travel media. We helped plan a VIP party a week prior to the anniversary that included invitations to long-term patrons such as LA Councilmember Mitch Englander who gave a proclamation to the owner, Mike Taix. Those at this private event had the opportunity to meet and interview Taix while food and wine sampling was provided. Momentum worked closely with Taix to help coordinate the anniversary promotion across all social media platforms.

DELIVERABLES  Our team executed a successful public relations campaign. The VIP party brought in a solid crowd of celebrities, local leaders and longtime friends of the business. The public event hosted over 1,000 people for their 90-cent meal. We were able to provide Taix with media coverage in LA Weekly and Pasadena magazine, along with 27 other local and regional publications.

CORE SERVICES  Event Marketing, Public Relations, Strategic Communications Support 





CHALLENGE  CCALAC and their member-driven network of over 60 health centers across Los Angeles share a common mission of supporting and expanding access to quality comprehensive healthcare for every individual. With many of their members facing daunting challenges in the form of legislative threats, including a possible ACA repeal, Health Center Funding reauthorization, and immigration policy changes, the CCALAC was looking to improve their marketing efforts and build their advocacy focused communications.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Our team was invited to be their lead communications agency supporting their traditional media, boosting social media amplification, and driving media to a number of local events. Our services extended their national reach and provided technical support that addressed the reality and issues that CCALAC was facing. Our team was able to strengthen CCALAC’s thought leadership, positioning and advocacy work, and their active network, responding to rapidly changing conditions.

DELIVERABLES  Our team secured numerous earned media opportunities in the form of print/online, broadcast, and radio interviews as well as notable media mentions quoting the CEO, VP of Government Relations, community clinic executives, healthcare allies, local patients and providers.  We produced a comprehensive communications plan, along with a detailed rapid response roadmap to inform best practices in the face of uncertain communications challenges. We also created detailed marketing and editorial calendars, a pitch matrix and other ongoing work plans to drive messaging around specific monthly themes.

CORE SERVICES Public Relations, Communications Planning/Implementation, Brand Strategy






CHALLENGE The Annenberg Foundation was looking for ways to refresh and strengthen their core capacity building initiative, the Alchemy Leadership Program. Foundation staff also wanted to diversify their training consultant pool to better suit their nonprofit partners throughout Greater Los Angeles. In addition, the Annenberg Foundation was looking for ways to authentically create more structure and synergy between the variety of Alchemy capacity building programs that are under the Foundation, and communicate a streamlined Alchemy brand across their social networks.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Momentum was asked to provide Annenberg with strategies to move forward as well as identify local trainers, facilitators and coaches. A roster of vetted consultants with nonprofit management expertise was created to thoroughly access local talent. In addition, Momentum supported the redesign of the Alchemy program and supplied Annenberg with ready-to-access communication support and strategy. Momentum team was asked to create communication structure, strengthen the Alchemy brand identify and develop structured outreach to their core audience: nonprofits in Greater LA.

DELIVERABLES  Through an integrated marketing campaign, during our contract period, we doubled the nonprofit applicants to the Annenberg Alchemy capacity building program. A streamlined curriculum and program design was developed for Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire creating diversity within their training consultant pool. Efficient communication content was made generating files with ready-to-go content for their social media platforms and emails. In addition, executive coaching support to their program staff continues to strengthen the program.  

CORE SERVICES Thought Partnership & Coaching, Communications, Brand Development 







CHALLENGE  The Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation (APAF) is charged with leading fundraising efforts and season programming for the Arcadia Performing Arts Center (APAC) — a modern concert hall in the San Gabriel Valley. For years the Foundation used paid marketing as its means to promote the venue’s season performances. With the hire of new Executive Director, Maki Hsieh, the Foundation hired Momentum Solutions to spearhead the Center’s first public relations campaign.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Momentum Solutions’ first goal was to close out the 2016-2017 season with a public relations push for its season finale featuring American jazz singer, Steve Tyrell.  Momentum’s PR team leveraged the opportunity to announce its new partnership with APAC to its San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles based arts and entertainment media contacts, in anticipation of the larger goal of announcing and promoting APAC’s upcoming 2017-18 season.

DELIVERABLES  Momentum Solutions secured consistent regional media features and calendar listings on APAC’s 2016-17 season finale, and 2017-18 season Gala and performances. In addition, Momentum curated online calendar listings for the Center. Features and calendar listings were included in regional print and online publications, such as the Arcadia Weekly, Pasadena Weekly, Pasadena Independent, and San Gabriel Valley Tribune (in both print and online), CultureSpotLA, Chinese LA Daily News and Zhong Guo Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, Pasadena Now and more.

CORE SERVICES Thought leadership, Marketing, Media Relations






JVS-Logo-Square-BlueCHALLENGE  Like many nonprofit organizations, JVSLA had a one-person communications department, covering the areas of social media, public relations, branding, design, event planning and marketing. JVSLA brought on the Momentum team to serve as its communications department.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW Momentum was asked to create a strategic marketing and public relations plan that would promote all of JVSLA’s programs, events and organizational milestones. We would work directly with their communications and development staff to ensure plans and action steps aligned with the organization’s goals.

DELIVERABLES  We executed a PR/Marketing strategy, including press release writing and distribution, media pitching and placement in (on average) one media outlet a month. Additionally, we provided daily social media strategy and management, crowdfunding strategy and implementation, event promotions, and executive level support.

CORE SERVICES Social Media, Public Relations, Design/Marketing






CHALLENGE DIY Girls empowers middle school girls to pursue careers in technology and STEM. A dynamic nonprofit, they are celebrating five years of impact, but in the last year have gone through significant leadership and staff changes. With the majority of the staff being new to their roles, including the Executive Director, they needed strategic communications support that linked their marketing to their fundraising efforts.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Our team worked closely with DIY’s leadership to develop goals, content, and strategy behind their year-end fundraising campaign. The bulk of their efforts are online, through social media and newsletter campaigns.

DELIVERABLES  To celebrate DIY’s five year anniversary, which aligned with their end of year fundraising campaign, new content, including visuals, copy and multi-media marketing was created. The marketing strategies were successful in reaching their annual fundraising goal through earned media attention and online donor cultivation. We also coached the new Executive Director and communications staff in their roles, and developed an integrated marketing calendar to be used for the upcoming year.

CORE SERVICES Thought Leadership, Social Marketing and Fundraising Strategy 






CHALLENGE  My HR Specialist is a boutique human resources agency focusing on businesses that need specialized or individual support with their human resources needs. The business has a growing base of clients, but needed more engaging web presence and to establish a brand identity.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Our team was engaged to first develop a new brand identity, including a logo and style guide so that all of their external communication collateral could be aligned. As a business still in its launch phase, aligning the target audiences with the new brand identity was critical to successful deliverables.

DELIVERABLES  Our team developed a new company website along with a complete brand identity and style guide. We worked with the CEO to establish branding guidelines and trained her on marketing strategy so that she could sustain the website presence and the social media presence that we established. Her website had a successful launch and because she knows how to edit the backend of her website, the website has become a integral part of her marketing strategy to develop her online brand and generate new business.

CORE SERVICES  Brand Development, Website Design, Marketing Strategy





LAEP-Vertical-LogoCHALLENGE  Lara Kain is the Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) senior director of Transform Schools. She leads trauma-training workshops for school staff. Leadership at LAEP came to Momentum Solutions Team for support on thought leadership positioning for their program. Additionally, the CEO called upon our team to create a marketing strategy plans for their three social enterprise models, and to deliver a training to their team on social media marketing.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  Momentum worked with Lara and her team to ghostwrite an ongoing blog series published in the Huffington Post on the benefits to trauma-informed schools and ongoing topics related to community schools. Additionally, we met with LAEP team leaders to coach them on integrated marketing strategies to promote and fundraise for their programs

DELIVERABLES  Momentum authored ghostwritten blogs published in the Huffington Post and leveraged their dissemination through social media and the organization’s newsletter. We implemented media strategy and executive support for LAEP leadership. And finally, we provided full training on LinkedIn and professional branding and development with social media marketing strategy development.

CORE SERVICES Thought leadership, Marketing, Media Relations






CHALLENGE A collaborative group of business leaders developed the inaugural awards luncheon, Make Change Awards. The effort was led by Happy City, Conscious Capitalism, Net Impact and the Social Enterprise Alliance. It is an ambitious and exciting event highlighting innovative, captivating and impactful ventures in Los Angeles.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  The Momentum team worked with the event committee to lead in the marketing strategy and implementation of the event. The goal was to bring in 100+ attendees to the event and to build the buzz for future expansion. The awards luncheon targeted diverse audiences, ranging from business executives and philanthropists to nonprofit leaders and elected officials.

DELIVERABLES In anticipation of the awards ceremony, we put out a press release, did media pitching and event posting. We also developed an online marketing strategy, including suggested hashtags, posts, handles, tweets, content and image creation. Momentum delivered content curation and creation of Twitter and Facebook accounts, live tweeting and posting from the event, and facilitation of online conversations.

CORE SERVICES Event Marketing, Content Curation, Branding Strategy






CHALLENGE  Las Fotos Project (LFP), empowers the next generation of females to pursue entrepreneurial and creative careers in photography. As a small nonprofit they face various challenges, but have excellent marketing as a result of an energized base and an engaged group of mentors. LFP struggled to link their strategic communications and fundraising efforts. Additionally, the organization is in the process of developing a social venture that will help to sustain the organization and provide employment for their participants.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  The Las Fotos Project leadership came to Momentum to assist them the technical and creative development of their social enterprise, Hire Her. When launched successfully, this social venture would be a step forward for their organization, developing a  sustainable source of funding, and establishing them as creative nonprofit leaders in LA.

DELIVERABLES  Momentum created a strategic communications plan for the social enterprise, including a launch plan and executive coaching for the Executive Director. We provided ongoing thought partnership during the launch period, and supported the engagement of 20 clients within a three month period. Deliverables also included business development policies, flow plans, content, new business outreach tactics and internal procedures.

CORE SERVICES Business development strategy, marketing collateral, executive coaching








CHALLENGE   The Center for Nonprofit Management of Southern California (CNM), has been as resource to over 50,000 nonprofit leaders in the last two decades. As a non-business entity they shared some of the same struggles that exist in the nonprofit sector. Specifically, CNM wanted to strengthen their external communications and staffing capacity in anticipation of their annual 501C3 Conference.

ENGAGEMENT OVERVIEW  CNM leadership came to the Momentum team asking for support in training their current communications staff, developing content marketing for the conference and creating a sustainable marketing strategy that they could roll out after the engagement. The details of this engagement were made more complex with their annual conference, ambitious goals and the onboarding of a new communication staff member into the organization.

DELIVERABLES  Our team worked with multiple CNM staff to create a new marketing plan that simplified their branding and outreach strategies and aligned their services and business goals. We brought new media attention to the conference while activating CNM’s online networks during the two-day event. Over the course of the contract period we also coached and trained the new communications team member in her role, helping her feel more confident and technically trained for her position

CORE SERVICES  Social Media Marketing, Media Relations